June 27

The Power of Story: a one day course

Hacking society's operating system
The power of stories

Stories invisibly govern our lives. They are the operating system of the human mind and society itself, and they can be hacked. This day is a mix of theory and practical exercises in telling stories that create action. We'll look at a case study of organisational storytelling at Greenpeace. We'll look at how story shapes our world, and how great activist storytelling can reshape it.

Learning by having fun

We'll unlock your creative eye with exercises, a magic trick or two, and plunge down the rabbit hole of story. Like all Dancing Fox workshops and trainings, it'll be unconventional, refreshingly fun, and full of of surprises.

Who's it for?
Campaigners, fundraisers, media officers, digital experts, communicators, designers, copy writers, of all stripes. We've taught students, senior managers, and practitioners -- there's something here for all.
£375 (including lunch)
Shhhh! A super secret location in central London.

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Everyone loves a good story. But sometimes it's hard to see the stories that invisibly govern our lives and the lives of the audiences we want to inspire. Some of those stories form the very operating system of society: what if we could hack that operating system?

This session will be a call to adventure: we'll look at some of the stories that function as modern mythologies -- the explanations of the invisible forces that make the world as it is. We'll look at the possibility of cracking them open, and replacing them with better stories.

In the afternoon, we'll do some practical exercises in mapping a campaign or project's story elements and using story as a communication tool.

What You'll Learn

How to parse a campaign or project into story elements and be aware of the role your organisation plays in that story: the archetype you fill, the gift you give, the monster you want to slay, and the call to adventure that you make to your audience. We'll also turn the tables, and consider how the monster might tell the story of your efforts. I'll share the process and results by which the Story Team at Greenpeace International created not only a unifying organisational story, but a 7-point culture change agenda to match it. We'll examine some of the stories that are holding back a more beautiful world, and consider how we can crack them open, replace them with better stories.


My, that's a big word, methodology, isn't it? This is learning by having fun: we'll unlock your creative eye with some exercises, a magic trick or two, then plunge down the rabbit hole of story. I promise you'll come out of this session with a new pair of eyes for looking at how to reach an audience and how to inspire them to action, and with our appetite whetted for much bigger mythological game than activism is currently stalking.

About the Trainers

Brian Fitzgerald, Dancing FoxBrian Fitzgerald worked for 35 years with Greenpeace as an activist, deck hand, technologist, hot air balloon pilot, communications director, and digital explorer. He and a small pirate team of story tellers at Greenpeace crafted a new organisational story for Greenpeace, and a culture change agenda to match: The Greenpeace Story and the 7 Shifts. Together with Tommy Crawford, he founded Dancing Fox Ltd in 2016, an agency dedicated to "mischief, magic, and mind bombs."

Lucy Taylor, Dancing FoxLucy Taylor was with communications consulting firm eatbigfish when she brought her talents as a professional facilitator and improvisational actress to the task of helping craft the Greenpeace Story with Dancing Fox founders Tommy Crawford and Brian Fitzgerald. Her other talents include singing and cold-water swimming.

Dancing Fox’s workshop on storytelling grabbed the MA Media, Campaigning and Social Change students' attention from the start and held them spellbound till the end of the day. The balance of fun, deep thinking and actual storytelling in Brian's workshop is just right. The students came away energised and with new insights into the layers of thinking and planning needed to develop high quality storytelling. The best attended class of the term, and the energy levels stayed skyhigh throughout. Please come back next year!

-Michaela O'Brien, Westminster University

I want to thank you so much for your inspiring and fantastic workshop yesterday! With your input I wrote today's newsletter copy and our editor did not change a single word! This is absolutley extraordinary - it never happens. And it's all thanks to you... I'm so excited - and so glad that I attended to the workshop.

--Simone Kater, Campact

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