At Dancing Fox we believe that playfully challenging feelings of apathy and fear with bold, bodacious ideas is our best chance of creating meaningful change. So we are on a mission to create a different kind of activism. One that is about saying yes, killing with kindness and playing foxy tricks on the powers that be. And that means looking to unlikely sources for inspiration.

During this one day course we explore how improv, play and wild spaces can help us cultivate a different way of being. We will look at how we can harness these practises to inject a big dollop of kindness, generosity and mischief into activism. Because, let’s face it…...the world has had enough of ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘don’t’.

It’s up to us to create the future we want.


This immersive and embodied learning experience, takes us down the rabbit hole of improvisation and creative play. We will investigate how the principles of improv - making others look good, letting go, noticing more, ‘yes and-ing’ - can help us find a different way of approaching our causes and relating to the other. And look at how being in nature and using our hands to create can help us push ourselves beyond our usual answers. How do we give ourselves permission to push?

Don’t come expecting to sit back and listen, this course is about using our bodies, brains and hearts to bring different kind of activism into being — Yes Activism.


The day is broken down into three parts

  • Yes Activism
  • Through a series of games we will explore what it feels like to step into a more improvisational space, one that is generative, creative and adaptive. What can being in the moment, paying acute attention to what is going on, saying yes and making others look good teach us about activism?
  • The way of the fox
  • How can leaning into our senses and bodies and exploring the natural environment guide us in the work we are doing? Using the urban wilderness of Kentish Town City Farm we will look to nature for questions and answers about how we can approach old challenges in kinder, wilier, more creative ways.
  • Re-imagining Activism
  • Using a series of creative exercises we will develop a number of dangerously delicious campaign ideas brimming with kindness, generosity and mischief, and using the principles of Improv share them back with the group (and maybe even the world!)


Kentish Town City Farm.
1 Cressfield Cl, London NW5 4BN

Nearest tube - Kentish Town
Nearest overground - Gospel Oak


25th January 2018

Arrivals from 9:00 for a prompt start at 9:30am. We’ll be done and dusted at 5:30pm.

What do I wear?

Sensible mud-proof shoes or trainers, casual comfortable trousers or athletic wear. Hats. Many hats. Lots of hats. Ok, hats are optional. But part of our day will be spent outdoors, so be prepared: there's no such thing as bad weather -- only the wrong clothes.

How much?

The cost is £450 for large organisations (100+ staff) and £250 for smaller organisations and individuals.

21% VAT and 100% yummy lunch included. Small group discounts negotiable. You can register here and purchase tickets or request an invoice.

Who’s leading this outlandish adventure?

Tommy Crawford

Tommy is an idea-artist, poet, and Chief-Mischief Maker at Dancing Fox, who combines his experience as Creative Director of the global Detox Campaign, and his time leading the Story Team at Greenpeace International, with his deep love of mythology, street art, and indigenous wisdom and ritual.

He has curated culture-hacking workshops in Austrian forests, Italian olive farms, and on boats in the middle of the Bosphorus, and is a firm believer in the power of wild settings to help birth wild ideas. His latest projects include a series exploring what it is to be human in a world entranced by mechanistic metaphors, a poetry exhibition at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, and his collaboration with Brian Fitzgerald and Iris Maertens to launch “The Moon Candy Rebellion”; a book for courageous kids (and brave adults).

He is a deep believer in magic. And croissants.

Lucy Taylor

Lucy is the founder of Make Work Play and regular co-conspirator with the team at Dancing Fox. She is passionate about harnessing the power of play to make the world (and work) more beautiful, and together with Tommy and Brian brought her talents as a professional facilitator, improvisational actress, and big-picture thinker to the task of crafting the story of Greenpeace. As a member of collective On Your Feet, she's been a part of performances that blur the line between art and activism.

Her superpowers include singing, cold-water swimming, and being a mum. She really likes puppets.

Dancing Fox

Dancing Fox specialises in beautiful disruption. Founded by Brian Fitzgerald and Tommy Crawford, we work with change-makers to tell compelling stories, and to shift deep cultural narratives through a combination of magic, mischief, and mind-bombs.

Dancing Fox is a trickster character who operates at the interface between two worlds: the world of what is, and the world of what’s possible. We help organisations to traverse that space in order to create bold and brilliant campaigns that bring people together around a shared vision.

We’re experts in providing unconventional learning and collaboration experiences and in unleashing the creativity of highly skilled groups.

We offer a daring, participatory and story-infused approach which is both suited to the magnitude of the challenges we face, and proven to deliver long-term change.

What do other people say?

I got an opportunity to be a part of Dancing Fox's Story Hacking Workshop in Istanbul while I was working with Greenpeace Mediterranean. The “Rainbow Warrior” was due to visit the region later that year and the objective of the workshop was to come up with a story of hope and inspiration in a deeply troubled region.

Tommy and Brian came up with one of the most crazy requests for that meeting — to hold the workshop on a boat — and so we rented a ship and set sail on the Bosphorus, spending three sunny days, together with post-it notes and dolphins, coming up with the wildest of ideas. Back on land Tommy and Brian then took these ingredients and gave us a magical recipe for sharing inspiring stories and taking bold action to co-create a brighter future with people from across the region.

As the poet Rumi says, ‘Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah, it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.’

Dancing Fox take this quote very seriously, and if you are the type who believes in jumping first and learning to swim later then go right ahead, because with the team at Dancing Fox you will be in safe hands.”

— Brikesh Singh, Mobilisation Strategist at Asar